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Kellie Horton – Managing Director

I am a mum, wife, full-time worker, friend, yoga enthusiast and socialiser … And with all these balls in the air – it’s pretty much guaranteed that one or two balls will end up on the ground sooner or later …

There are days where I absolutely am in complete control, loving every minute of the day and kicking goals left, right and centre … However, there are days when everything comes crashing down and some cracks start to form.

My life is not extraordinary … it’s the complete opposite – I believe it is the norm for a lot of my friends and colleagues. To have a successful career takes a lot of energy, hard work and blood, sweat and tears. To be a positive role model as a Mother also takes a lot of energy, hard work and even more tears. To be a good wife and friend takes a lot of energy, hard work and compromising. I am constantly asked “how do I do all of this?”

I have learnt to have a great support network everywhere from work, home and friends. It’s OK to have down days and question yourself, but at the end of the day if you love what you do, then it just comes naturally and if you learn from your mistakes then you are winning! Since becoming a Managing Director, I have made copious amounts of mistakes and monumental stuff ups – but that’s how I learn and have now put in policies and procedures so that they won’t happen again!

Life is short, stop and smell the roses and smile because when you smile the people around you stop and smile.

So, to all the hard-working people out there, keep on doing what you are doing, be true to yourself and the people around you and the only way is up!