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I Didn’t Know What I Needed

It is not unusual for the team at CTC to sit down at a meeting, special occasion or milestone and look back and reflect on the month or year that has been, to discuss the best and the worst moments or our favourite moments we have had together as the CTC team.

With my first-year anniversary fast approaching, I know there will come a time during our milestone celebrations that the question will be asked ‘how has your first year been at CTC and what have the highlights been’?

It is something that I have spent some time reflecting on, over the year which has gone by so fast, when looking back over not only the professional successes of how far I’ve come from where I had started, but also the impact of the relationships I have formed with my team over this period.

While I am not usually one who struggles to articulate how I feel in any given moment, it didn’t take long for me to realise that my time at CTC so far has been so much more than words I can put down on paper, so instead I started to think about it in terms of the changes and impact it has had on me and my personal journey.

So what does CTC mean to me? It simply means that I am home and I am safe to try anything, be brave, make my mark on the world.

I feel so incredibly lucky to have had this opportunity and I know that this is the basis for me to provide 110% in everything that I do for my employers.

So thank you to Chris, Kellie and Kevin for being the people that you are and being such influential and positive role models in my life.