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Chris Tan – Reflections From Working In New Zealand

Thank you to all Wellingtonians who made me feel so welcome in your lovely city. I met over 20 people in the week I was in New Zealand and spoke to many more over the phone and via email.

It was humbling to have been accepted by so many when I am effectively new to the city and it was school holidays.

The trip reinforced the importance of CTC to spread its wings geographically and to learn from and start establishing relationships well beyond South Australia. For a recruiter to add value to an industry they should be attracting new talent to their sector, promoting their region. I met 5 people who are keen to relocate to Adelaide in the next 12 months and established many important links for the future.

Further to our trip earlier in the year to Christchurch and Auckland CTC have continued to establish links across New Zealand and are actively working on New Zealand roles.

And my overriding memories of Wellington?

A beautiful city with multiple bays, stunning houses with exceptional views, down to earth people who appreciate the important things in life, excellent food and coffee. In many respects, Wellington reminds me of Adelaide. You can get everywhere in 15 minutes, they are significant cultural hubs with excellent bars and cafes, large government sectors, tight construction margins and an economy fuelled by relationships. Adelaide has a better climate and more construction but Wellington has better scooters! I look forward to returning.