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CTC 10 Year Anniversary

CTC 10 year Anniversary!

CTC celebrates its 10 years in business today.

According to Fortune magazine 96% of start ups don’t make 10 years. This is a shocking statistic. The SBA indicates a more favourable percentage but irrespective of whether CTC is in the 4% or the 20% these are just numbers. CTC was never about hard financial figures, statistics or KPI’s. We didn’t set up CTC with profit as the primary driver…..

CTC has always been about taking the sales and the money off the table and trying to add value. Helping people identify what they want in life, how they define success and happiness and working with them to help achieve it. We have worked hard to help promote our clients and help them to recruit and retain staff. We have had fun and made many friends along the way.

Ultimately we appreciate that we are only as good as the respect, trust, reputation, and influence that we have in the industry. To put it another way…. We are only as good as the people who have promoted us, supported us, advised us and referred people to us.

CTC therefore isn’t just the 4 employees or our contractors or our permanent placements but rather everyone who has ever helped us. To all of these people THANK YOU for ensuring CTC has defied the statistics and achieved a decade of business. Your ongoing friendship and support will forever be valued.